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Made from 100% recycled paper fiber, our line of litter & bedding products are environmentally friendly, dust free, safe & healthy and offer exceptional odor control for cats, rabbits, ferrets, and all types of small mammals, birds, reptiles and exotics.

Good Mews Cat Litter Package

Good Mews Cat Litter

Good Mews pellets are recommended by veterinarians for kittens, declawed cats and post-operative care. Made entirely from recycled paper, Good Mews absorbs 3 times more odor than clay litter.

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Pet Preference Package

Pet's Preference

Quality pet litter and beddings made from 100% recycled paper fibers and is biodegradable. Because of Pet's Preference superior odor control is is the perfect litter for all house pets.

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Crown Animal Bedding Package

Crown Animal Bedding

Crown Animal Bedding contributes to a cleaner environment. Because it is pelletized paper fiber, it provides a higher level of animal health and comfort.

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